The Truce Project

Here is another fantastic project happening accross the water. It involves a song based upon the trenches of Belgium and a the moment
when they stopped the fighting  “and they were one-A spirit stronger than war was working that night” in December 1914.
I am going to be following this project and am developing the idea of a cross generational project here in Ireland on the back of it. Any other community musicians interested please get in touch.

The Truce Project

The Truce project is growing massively, and there will be people singing about the Truce in Oxford, Cumbria, Dorset and East Lancashire, with singers also joining in from further afield. There is also now a football element to it, backed by Prince William, and there will be a re-release of the Truce song “All Together Now (in no mans’ land)” originally by the Farm

Many of the choirs are singing the same songs, including “Only remembered”, but there are also words, poems and songs from stories told by local people.


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