Training for Leading Groups in Song March 2016

This year I aim to bring focus to passing on the skills I have gained from all these years of leading groups in singing through the delivery of training, support and mentoring packages to those who are new to this work, and also to singing groups and community choirs who would benefit from my experience.

This first Training Day is designed as an introduction to leading groups in singing and would be useful for anyone who would like to gain some basic skills with groups of any age or ability.  This training is not just for the keen singer or new Community Choir facilitator, but also for school teachers, youth workers, carers and anyone who may like to bring singing into groups. Bringing music into groups can be rewarding and fun. We will work together through a relaxed yet focused approach.

You don’t need to be some kind of ‘music maestro’ to take part although you must be a confident singer who can hold a harmony line on your own. Feel free to get in touch to find out more or to discuss whether this Training Day will be suitable for you. A more intensive Training Programme will be on offer in the autumn 2016. Bookings by 1st March please to:

Leading Groups in Song




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