Community Singing Workshops ready for the next BIG SING! event.

We have now finalised our programme of ‘open’ community singing workshops which will be delivered in a variety of locations surrounding Bantry in preparation for the next BIG SING! event to be held at the FeelGood Festival on Saturday 15th October. Our thanks goes to Cork Mental Health Forum for their support through the part funding of these workshops. If anyone feels able to give us a hand with distributing posters and flyers in the areas they are located then please let us know! An extra hand or two would be very welcome! Private sessions are also available for groups by arrangement, so if you would like us to come to you location or group then get in touch. Please share this information and help us to gather a lovely large number of singers to enjoy our next BIG SING! Thanks and hope to sing with you at one of these places soon!

Orange Copy of Workshops Programme_Poster FeelGood Festival 2017


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