Abdul the Camel at The Body and Soul Festival 19th – 21st June 2015

This event marks the beginning of Abdul’s festival season as together with his team he sets of for the Body and Soul Festival, Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath. Ireland. Complete with a new song and workshop for the kids. So if you’re heading there with your children….look out for him in Soul Kids Area where he will be in action on Friday and Sunday evenings from 6-7pm and 1-2pm on Saturday.

Kids Programme 1

Kids Programme 2

Singing with Cork Assylum Seekers Children

In December 2014 I began working with two groups of children alongside two other team members as an out-reach of a programme being run through ARTlifeCULTURE and Music Generation Cork, called “SING! In Schools”. We have been singing with the children on a weekly basis as an ‘after school’ activity. The children are very enthusiastic and willing to have a go at anything! We sing a mixture of songs from the SING In Schools’ programme, together with a combination of the childrens and our own choices including World and Contemporary. Movement, actions and percussion is also used alongside the songs, which the children love.

Intro. Workshop for new Skibbereen Youth Choir Nov. 2014

Today I met with a small group of youth who are interested in starting up a Youth Choir for Skibbereen. We sang a few songs and shared ideas. The hope is to operate from the new West Cork Arts Centre premises once it opens in the New Year. I am looking at two groups: 8-11 years and 12-16 years…..ish! So spread the word…….Posters and further promotion will be on it’s way shortly!!

Here is a link to the facebook page:



Youth Mental Health Day in Bantry 2014

Youth Mental Health Day 2014On Tuesday 7th October ’14 I was delighted to be involved with this event marking Youth Mental Health Day. I had a great group of 23 youngsters from different schools who joined me for a creative music making session. Complete with drums and other items of handheld percussion, we explored rhythms and voice based around the song “Let’s get it started”, by the Black Eyed Peas. Although we found ourselves in a somewhat ‘squishy’ space and had to remain seated throughout the duration of the session, we still managed to have great fun incorporating body percussion rhythms as well as hand held instruments.

Electric Picnic 2014

Abdul and his team had a ball and made lots of new friends as well as re-connect with some old ones this year at The Electric Picnic. Children and adults alike enjoyed playing music and singing Abduls’ favourite song, ‘Jump up on my Camel’, whilst stomping around the kids site. We hope to be invited back again to next years’ festival….perhaps we will see you there!!

Abdul making new friends at The Electric Picnic 2014