Music and health

Music is good for our well being!

Engaging with music is undoubtedly beneficial to our health. This has become more obvious to me over the recent years whilst I have been sharing musical experiences with the wider community. Whilst studying on my MA course in Community Music in 2013 I placed much focus on looking at these benefits, and in particular with the elderly and those suffering from Dementia. I also took a look at vocal health care, how to bring good practise into my work, and how to look after my own voice given the demands it is under with all that I do.

Here you will find projects where the health benefits are a big part of the focus within the activities. I am not a trained Music Therapist. I am a sensitive and compassionate Community Musician with a desire to bring supportive and positive experiences into peoples lives, and to which I believe enhances a sense of well being for those who spend time with me.


Click here to see the various projects I engage with where the health benefits are foremost within the activity.