Training and Workshops

I am now developing a variety of training and workshop packages with the aim of passing on the skills I have gained from all these years of leading groups in singing. This includes offering mentoring and support to those who are new to this work, and also to singing groups and community choirs who would benefit from my experience.

Training is offered for developing basic skills in group singing which is useful for anyone using song within their work such as teachers, and also more intensive weekends and courses for those interested in Community Choir facilitation. These can also include looking at practical and organisation skills needed in running and operating Community Choirs and singing groups.

Additionally I offer to facilitate team building activities for groups, using music as a fun way to interact with each other and building strength and connection into group work. Mostly I work with the un-accompanied voice, but sometimes interwoven with the use of drums and hand-held percussion, guitar, movement and body-percussion.


Training and Workshops can be designed or themed to meet the needs of your group or event and include:

  • Harmony Singing (World Folk, Funk, Gospel, Eastern European, contemporary pop, African….and more!)
  • Working with Harmony and Arangements
  • Songwriting for Vocal Groups
  • Introduction to ‘Leading Groups in Song’
  • Songwriting
  • Improvisation
  • Identifying songs for A-capella
  • Using Voice and the Body for Rhythm

Training and Workshops are available as a one off day’s activity, a weekend, or as a course over a period of time.

I am also now moving into the area of facilitating Residencies and Holiday Breaks.

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