West Cork Feel Good festival 9th-10th October 2015

This has been a busy period of time for me and my choirs since returning back after the summer. As well as hosting sessions to learn the songs for the West Cork BIG SING! which is being launched at the first ever West Cork Feel Good Festival in Bantry, Acapellabella is busy rehearsing for the Friday evening concert. This new festival is being supported by local organisation to mark World Mental Health Day and to promote positive mental health within the West Cork community. Here’s wishing the event every success.Poster for Fri Concert


National Choral Singing Week and the West Cork BIG SING!

Perhaps you may not be aware that the Association of Irish Choirs in association with Mental Health Ireland promotes 4th-11th October as National Coral Singing Week. All around Ireland choirs will be sharing their songs to promote singing as a positive attribute to mental health.


The West Cork BIG SING! includes both individuals and choir members of AOIC and I am delighted to be organising West Corks’ first BIG SING! event in Bantry which I hope will continue on into the future with events involving more choirs as well as members of the public and towns throughout West Cork.

This first West Cork BIG SING! is part of a programme being organised at the new West Cork FeelGood Festival being held in Bantry. For those of you on facebook here is their page:


If you have a festival or event in aid of mental health, or wish to get involved in any way please do get in touch.