Concert in St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork with visiting American Choir July 2014

Last year I was invited by a UK Tour company to facilitate a concert with a visiting choir from the USA as part of a national tour of Ireland. This involved a workshop and an evening concert in St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork. The purpose of the workshop was to bring the visitors together with the Cork based community choirs for a sharing and learning musical experience. This event was such a success that I have now been invited once again to welcome another American choir this coming July. The new Ballincollig Choir, Ceol Na Laoi will sing alongside Kinsale Voices and Acapellabella as we welcome Janey Hall and the SoCo Women’s Chorus to Cork. We are delighted to hold the evening concert once again in the beautiful St. Fin Barres Cathedral on Monday 6th July at 7.30pm where all are welcome.

                                                                              Harmony Poster - Tapestry Chorus


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