‘Sharing the Music’ – Residential workshop with Susie Ro Prater

Last weekend I traveled over to the UK to attend a workshop with the focus on training for leading group singing. What a beautiful place and group of people to spend that time with! My personal interest lay more in simply putting myself totally ‘in the zone’ so to speak, as I participated and explored my thoughts around what our facilitator Susie Ro Prater was bringing into this course, with a view on expanding on my own training course I am currently developing.

Susie is a lovely facilitator and a truly gifted musician…the song just oozed through her and her teaching style was very inspiring and relaxing to work with. We shared many songs during those few days. The room was full of enthusiastic individuals wishing to hone their own skills and start sharing and leading others in song….a very exciting energy to be in.

Sharing the Music GroupNow I more fully realise the potential of what I have to offer with regards to offering my own skills as not only a facilitator, but also as a trainer….to pass what I have learned over the past 12 years on to others and provide continued support where needed. And how nice for me to enjoy the experience without being in a leadership role!!

This coming winter will find me harvesting and gathering, then emerging in the spring ready to enter the world of training others to do the work which I have loved for so long……enabling and supporting others to enjoy singing with others.

Holycome thru orchard


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