Next Bantry Singing session with West Cork BIG SING!

The next singing session will take place on Saturday 21st November from 3-5pm in the Christian Fellowship Hall. Alongside learning the new set of West Cork BIG SING! songs, we will be singing some Christmas songs….a little different from the more usual collection, including Gospel and Ukranian folk. All are welcome to come along and join us and no experience is necessary.We sing because it makes us feel good!!

We are looking forwards to meeting up with other groups for our first ‘Little BIG SING!’ event in the new year and here is a great opportunity to meet others who enjoy singing in your area and find out more about the BIG SING! project. Cost €5-€10 self selected. To find out more contact Caz on 083 1425599 or by email at  Come and join the West Cork BIG SING! community at:


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