Drums and Brass for the BIG SING! – Oct. 2016

Things are getting really exciting for us as we are heading into the last phase of preparing for our next BIG SING! event on Saturday 15th October for World Mental Health Week at the FeelGood Festival in Bantry. The programme of events for the day looks fantastic, with a parade before we kick off!

As well as adding Brass into our songs we have been working with a group of drummers lead by Jonathan Barlow to produce a sound which will get us all dancing and rocking on the square!!

There are two more public workshops…one this Thursday 6th in the Mealagh Valley Community Hall at 7.30pm and the other on Saturday 8th at the Bantry Christian Fellowship Hall at 3pm.

Next we pray for a dry day for Saturday the 15th…but not that it will put us off as we have the Parochial Hall at the side of Bantry Square at the ready so that we can sing away regardless of the weather.




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